Grade A* Commuting

Grade A* Commuting

Hertfordshire Headteacher provides an e-bike lesson in getting around Berkhamsted.

Richard Backhouse, Principal of the Berkhamsted Schools Group, shares his positive experiences on his locally designed and built folding e-bike.

When on the hunt for an e-bike, Richard was surprised to find Estarli in the same town where he lived and worked. Like most Chilterns towns, Berkhamsted is very hilly. "Living at the top of a hill, my 50 year old battery had got slightly weary," he said. "The Estarli helps me to get home in an evening without arriving entirely exhausted."

Richard goes on to explain that his e-bike is by far the most efficient way to get between school campuses. At the same time, he gets to benefit from exercise on his terms (he chooses when you use the motor and how much) and he gets to interact with people around him. 

His folder goes into the car for weekends but day-to-day it’s a bit of a workhorse. Richard does the daily shop in both Berkhamsted and Hemel on it; utilising the pannier rack on the back of the bike. "All kinds of things fitted in the for a weekend's food shop," he states. He even shared a few pictures on the family whatsapp in case they didn’t believe his haul!

One of the key features of the Estarli e20.7  is the removable seatpost battery. One can take the seatpost out for easy charging and at the same time essentially disable the bike. “Who’s going to take a bike that doesn't have a seat?!” He says.

At the end of the day, Richard believes that it is great to live a greener lifestyle where possible while leading an educational establishment.