Three Estarlis under one roof

Three Estarlis under one roof

Our debut ‘Guest Blog’ by Toni

I have ridden a bike since probably about four years old (I’m now 66). Thinking back I realise they have all been British too. From Triang through to latterly a well faithful Dawes Galaxy, and including a couple of Raleighs and a little blue bike with a curved crossbar from Currys. (Which I earned by passing my Eleven plus no less!) Back then, I even got a Knight of the Road badge and certificate along with cycling proficiency at school.

Although a car driver and former motorcyclist too, cycling has always been my favoured form of transport. I have ridden to work at all of my jobs through the years. Latterly, with feeling age creeping up on us, my wife and I opted to give e-biking a look-see. 

I had always regarded e-bikes as nothing but a gimmick until we had a test ride, on a Pendleton no less! We were hooked. Ros got a Pendleton and I opted to fit a Swytch conversion to my trusty old Dawes. These two kept us going until time and wear caught us up. The Pendleton is worn out and I developed arthritis in my thumbs which meant that I had not enough strength to use the brakes on dropped handlebars.

We opted to go for a couple of Estarli folders (e20.7s) and have loved them from the start. Getting them out of the car and riding around the lanes beside the West Somerset Railway was one of our best days out, ever! (The Cream Teas at Stogumber station are well worth a look too if any of you are planning to take holidays this way).

Something about the small wheels and the compactness of the bike made me feel like being a kid again. Such fun. And the hills around there were a breeze too.

Having the straight handlebars (now fitted with Ergo grips) and disc brakes has made a world of difference to our cycling comfort and safety. 

But we decided that two Estarli’s simply wasn't enough! So Ros now has her brand new powder blue Trapez e28.8 and looks just like Miss Marple cycling along on her way to work in the mornings.

The Estarli range is well thought out, designed and sourced. And grows bigger by the day. Well done ‘the e-star team’! We recommend Estarli to anyone and everyone whenever the conversation goes bike wise.

All the very best

Toni and Ros