e20: eBike for everywhere

Get ready to experience total freedom with our versatile, foldable and discreet eBike. The e20 is for people who want to be mobile, stay active and avoid the tube. Fold it up and take it away for the weekend or use it to explore your local surroundings like never before. It really is the eBike for everywhere and the beauty is, it doesn't even look electric.

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estarli e20 folding eBike

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Hidden Battery






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Cycle to Work schemes

We have partnered with Cyclescheme, Bike2Work, Cyclsolutions, Vivup, Green Commute Initiative and Halfords Cycle2Work so you can save an extra 25-42% on a brand new e20 by paying through your work. 

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e20 FAQ

I can't see the battery, where is it?

In the seat post. You're probably used to seeing bulky batteries strapped onto frames or perhaps a bulky centre frame to house the battery. We weren't keen on either of those designs so we have opted for a slightly chunkier looking seat post that houses our powerful 7ah Samsung battery. 


What sort of range can I expect to get from the e20?


The e20 is a dual mode bike so it pedals just like a normal bike. When using pedal assist, typical riders can expect to exceed 50 km of range when using assisted riding. Range figures are estimates and not a guarantee though. Range can vary significantly depending on the terrain, inclines, weight of the cyclist, pedal assist level etc.

What is the maximum weight your frame can take?


The e20 is rated for riders up to 110kg.


Where can I get my e20 serviced?


The e20 is extremely simple. Aside from the maintenance free electrical parts, the bike is built using standard tried and tested bike components. Any reputable bike shop will have the tools to service your e20. If however you do get stuck you can always contact our support team.

What are the dimensions of the bike?


The bike is 150cm long by 110cm tall.

Folded the bike is 85cm long by 70cm tall.


Are there different frame sizes?


No. The e20 comes in one size and is fully adjustable to suite the rider.  We recommend a max rider height of 6'3. 


Can you ride it in the rain?


Yes you can. The e20 performs in all weathers, much like a traditional bike. 


How much does it weigh?


The e20is one of the lightest folding electric bikes on the market. The all-in weight including the battery is 17.5kg.


Can I replace the battery?


Yes you can. Should you ever need to swap the battery, all you need to do is losen the seat post using the quick release lever, disconnect the battery from the underside of the frame and pull the post out. If you run with two batteries we suggest getting an extra seat so you don't have to manually swap seats between batteries.


How do I charge the e20?


The battery for the e20 is cleverly integrated into the seat post. To charge the battery simply remove the waterproof cover at the top of the seatpost and plug in our charger. The battery can either be charged with the seat post connected to the bike or by itself .


Is there room for a water bottle mount?


Yes, there are two Allen key bolts on the main bar of the frame designed to take a water bottle holder.


Are there mounting points for mud guards and a rack?


Yes, standard mounting points for front and rear mud guards along with mounting points for a rear luggage rack. If you opt for the e20 pro these will come with your bike.


Does it fit in a car?


Yes, we've tested a lot of cars from the electric Mini's to big Tesla's (we're a bit electric obsessed). So far we have yet to find a car the bike doesn't fit in. For vehicles with a smaller boot you may need to fold down one of the seats.


How do I repair punctures?


Repairing a puncture on the e20 is exactly the same as any other standard bike. The rear tyre can be changed whilst the motor is still plugged in.


How much maintenance does the motor require?


The e20 has a brushless maintenance free motor. Our motor supplier has been making these motors for many years and has fitted them to many 1 million motors globally.