Confidence Travels

Confidence Travels

Confidence travels.

Industry titan and BikeShed Founder, Mike Sanders, tells us how his team has got behind Estarli and how special it is that so many customers come to his stores asking about Estarli eBikes.


BikeShed have a number of stores in the South-West and have stocked Estarli’s range since the start of the year. From the outset, Founder Mike Sanders was surprised to find do many customers coming in specifically to look at/test ride Estarlis. “To be just fours years old,” he said, “and have people requesting your product clearly deserves applause.”


Mike believes that eBikes are life-changing product as opposed to just a new variant of the traditional bicycle. He says, “customers quickly realise it offers them so much more than just a replacement for their standard bike. They suddenly realise they can go and do the weekend shop on it. In Devon there’s lots of hills so there is no excuse to get up them with a bit of assistance coming from your bike”. 


There are lots of £5,000-£10,000 eBikes in Mike’s stores and whilst he appreciate there is an appetite for them amongst more serious riders, he says, “the e28 suits a lot of people’s pocket…for the person who is a regular commuter to work, it's not their hobby, it’s not the thing they want to invest in hugely, so the e28 is a very good commuting product.” The lightweight e28.8 now features front suspension as standard to offer more people more versatility away from urban routes.


The science of selling eBikes is something Mike has been practicing for many years but instinct creeps in too. “When we’ve had no problems with a product you do actually convey that to the customers sometimes without being aware that you’re doing it because your confidence travels.”


The BikeShed stocks the entire Estarli range, including the new eCargo Longtail.