Flagship Estarli folder gets a facelift

Flagship Estarli folder gets a facelift

Estarli’s award-winning e20.7 is now safer, comfier, faster, stronger.

Yet again Estarli has demonstrated its dedication to agile eBike engineering. Co-Founder and former software engineer Alex Francis said “we are a bit of an industry anomaly. Most bike companies release a new model each year in Spring. We believe in iterating. It’s how we worked during my programming career and I think it suits bike development because it allows us to react quickly to feedback and behavioral change”. 

Re-named the ‘e20.7 comfort’, Estarli’s best selling eBike has evolved based on retail and customer feedback. Some of the 15 new components include a motor upgrade, a locking seatpost clamp and a stronger, more symmetrical frame with routed cables.

“It’s hard to put a timeline on things because we are continually evolving,” said Co-Founder and Creative Director Oliver Francis. “That said, a few of the features that have come to life now have been in development for 18 months. Other changes have been in reaction to more recent feedback over the last 6 months. The main thing for us is that the direction is always forwards.” 

Oliver described the main themes of this iteration as safety, comfort, speed and strength…with a dash of aesthetic. “We took the frame back into CAD and improved the symmetry of the tubes. A by-product was a more robust structure but we would be lying if it didn’t start with visual motivation!” The e20.7 Comfort harks back to its BMX roots even more than its predecessor. “It’s an eBike born from British culture,” said Alex, “and it doesn’t like to be pigeon holed! It’s a daily bike, a holiday bike, a commuter bike and everything in between.”


The Estarli e20.7 Comfort is live on www.estarli.co.uk and the eBike is available through Estarli’s retail network. 


New Features:

New Frame design
Motor upgrade
Internally routed cables
Locking seatpost clamp
Upgraded battery connection
Stainless Steel freewheel
Smart USB rear light
Nickel plated fabric AME bolts
Upgraded mechanical brakes
Ergonomic grips and bell
Brighter front light
Upgraded hubs and wheels
Quick release front wheel
Larger control box with space for a tracker


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