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Dashel Cycle Bike Helmet


Dashel helmets are perfect for cycling, with a cap-like peak, longest permitted to safety standards, that allows you to keep your eye on the road and protects from rain or shine.


The vegan leather carry loop at the rear of the helmet is perfect for clipping lights onto for extra visibility on the road.


Safe, slim and lightweight. The helmet has 5 air vents and comes with 2 sizes of Dashel's signature range of coolmax pads, which wick away sweat and are machine washable, to ensure long lasting comfort.  They also enable you to tailor the fit to your exact head shape.


Dashel is committed to reducing waste so your helmet will be delivered in a recyclable cardboard box and packaged in a reusable drawstring bag. Perfect for carrying it about when off your bike or scooter.


This helmet is manufactured in the UK with a recyclable shell and liner.

We recommend replacing your Re-Cycle Helmet every 5 years, or immediately if you have had a crash.



Made in the UK.

Certified CE EN1078

Slim & Lightweight with 5 air vents

Recyclable shell & liner

Fidlock® Magnetic Clasp - no more pinched skin!

2 sizes of washable fit pads supplied with each helmet. 

Vegan leather carrying loop - use it to attach lights to your helmet

Sold packaged in a reusable, drawstring backpack to carry when off your bike or scooter

Weight: Small (54-56cm) 360g, Medium (56.5-59cm) 380g, Large (60-62cm) 430g

Measuring your head

Measure the widest part around your head – this is usually approx. 1cm above your ears. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure just use a piece of string or ribbon and find a ruler.

Dashel Cycle Helmet 
Small (S): 54-56cm
Medium (M): 57-59cm
Large (L): 60-62cm


Fitting your helmet

Included with your purchase is a set of black 10mm wide pads. The silver pads already in your helmet are just 5mm thick. For a tailor made fit, mix and match according to your head shape.

The pads are just to make the helmet as comfortable as possible. They do not contribute to the performance of your helmet in a crash, if you wish to remove some completely then do so.


Place the helmet on your head, push it down ensuring it sits level 1-2 cm above your eyebrows and does not tilt too far backwards or forwards. The helmet should feel snug but not constricting.

Tighten the chin strap, the 'Y' shape should fit just below your ears. The Fidlock clasp must sit under the chin and not on the jawbone. You should not be able to get more than one finger between your chin and the strap.